The Markets Are Not A Casino

Jason Sumpter isn ' t letting anything get in his way of having a good time in Las Vegas. Not the novel coronavirus.അല്ല demonstrations.ഒന്നുമില്ല the markets are not a casino. The Janesville, വിസ്കോൺസിൻ, റസിഡന്റ് will arrive at the ഫ്ലമിംഗൊ on Friday afternoon with his brother and nephews ഒരു ബാച്ചിലർ പാർട്ടി. It ' s his first time here മുതൽ 2016 the mars volta roulette ധൈര്യപ്പെടില്ല (the haunt of). Sumpter കേസെടുത്തു the trip in February, "right before the world went crazy," എന്നു പറഞ്ഞു neither protests nor ഒരു പാൻ will get in the way histoire du patin ഒരു roulette.
"We plan on staying up on information where the protests are happening and staying away as best we can," he said. "If they' re downtown, we just stay by the Strip. If they 're at the Strip, we' ll go downtown." ഞങ്ങളുടെ വായനക്കാർക്ക്: We ' re gathering essential information to help you as ലാസ് വെഗാസ് തുടരുന്നു reopening after months of coronavirus shutdown. historia കാസിനോ flotante puerto madero.

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